There are so many things I want to say to start. But I guess a big “hello!” is necessary first! I’m Jen, and this blog is going to chronicle my life as a mom of 3 busy bumblebees, also known as my tag-a-longs!

A young, native New Yorker transplanted in the South, on a journey through life with 1 very supportive husband (John, I promise not too mention you too much!) and 3 wild little ones. Their faces greeted you upon entering the blog, and yes, that picture does capture their personalities all too well! K is 4 years old and queen of the phrases “Mom, watch me!” and “Mom, look at this!” (She couldn’t resist that pinecone…); G is 2 1/2, looks like he is 4, and acts like he is 24 (and is currently always screaming…happily); and sweet baby T is 6 1/2 months old and, yes, always covered in that spit-up (poor third child, I totally understand now, mom). Our life with these three precious gifts is mostly crazy, tons of fun, and always filled with laughter and love.

So, why blog about it? I hear you. I was completely skeptical about it too. Until today…literally. We found ourselves stuck at home with a baby who caught a strain of “who-knows-what” and had to cancel on a get-together with some good friends. This is actually a very commom occurrence, as other moms with littles will surely know. However, it got me thinking! I have such a wonderful connection with so many other young moms. We are all so often in the same boat and offering each other such great advice (often over the phone). Why not chronicle it? Why not share? God has blessed me with such a wonderful litle family, such great friends, such an abundance of support. This is my little way of “spreading the wealth”, “paying it forward”, or however you want to put it! (And, obviously, having fun!)

My husband and I also are totally crazy. We drag these kids EVERYWHERE. They have all had passports since, well, birth, and the amount of stamps in each of them can put some grown adults to shame. People are always asking: How do we do it? What do you use? Did you really strap a carseat to your luggage and drag it through the airport with a child in it?! (Yes, but we will save that story for another time!) It’s really our normal, and although it is oftentimes exhausting, we wouldn’t trade it for the world! I know the experiences they have had will certainly become memories that last a lifetime. This blog will be a place where I can share our crazy adventures with you (local and abroad), share travel tips and funny happenings, review popular or new products, have my awesome family and friends “guest blog” (woooo!) and really discuss anything else that crosses our path.

I lead an ordinary, yet adventurous, life, as many of you know. Rarely do I not have at least one of these munchkins by my side (let’s be honest, it’s usually all three!). I may not always have everything figured out over here, but I know we adore our kids and try our hardest to act like we know “how to parent” for their sake. AND, if there is one thing that is for certain, it is this:

Where I go…

…they tag along. 💕