When Baby Transitions to Solid Foods. A real mom’s review of “Super Nutrition for Babies” .

As you all know, we have an (almost!) seven-month-old at home. T, our sweet little darling, is really starting to come into his own and develop a hilarious personality. No doubt, that this can be attributed to the constant entertainment of his older brother and sister who have begun using him as their audience for their latest antics. At their request he gets sat in his “Bumbo” chair in the middle of the nursey-room floor, and the singing/dancing/lecturing (I kid you not…their dad is studying to be a professor, after all) commences.

As he begins his transition on from the baby stage, I am led back to a resource that I have relied on heavily as a first-time mom. “Super Nutrition for Babies: The Right Way to Feed Your Baby for Optimal Health” by Katherine Erlich, M.D., and Kelly Genzlinger, C.N.C., C.M.T.A. is an incredibly informative book that I have enjoyed using, referencing and recommending to other moms who are bracing for the transition to solid food. With Chapter titles such as “From Fake Flakes to Real Foods” and Shape up Sweet and Ship Out Sugar”, this is one of the few nutrition-focused baby books that has actually been able to hold my attention. They do a fantastic job of really breaking down the WHY of feeding your baby in a way that may seem unconventional (Although, it is really just unconventional here in North America.) Starting a baby with a soft-boiled egg yolk seemed incredibly concerning to me at first. However, at the urging of my sister, I took a real interest in the baby food revolution happening and tried to stick to what the book was telling me would be good for baby as she started going beyond the bottle. Additionally, they had some really interesting research and facts to share about current children’s health concerns and how they can be nutrition-related.

Now, I did not follow everything they recommended or suggested in the book. (Like the liver, I just couldn’t. Although I think my sister did! Katie, correct me if I am wrong.) The book, rather, gave me a lot of really good suggestions, backed up by very practical reasoning, that I used to guide me through the baby food stage in a way that I felt was going to offer my baby the best-possible nutrition! Within a few weeks, I found myself totally on-board with preparing and using egg yolks, beef broth, ghee and an array of veggies, instead of the common rice cereal. Furthermore, K, the child who was lucky enough to be the one I was trying this method out on, seemed to be loving it! To this day, her palate is incredibly diverse and she is a self-proclaimed “sprow-sprow” lover (her nickname for brussel sprouts.) Now, I don’t know that there is a direct correlation between the way in which I began feeding her solid foods and her food choices now, but I sure can’t help to think there must be. (…perhaps, the french-fry and sausage-loving second child, with whom I was WAY more relaxed when it came to the feeding stage supports this thought!)

Following the suggestions in this book is definitely a little more work then just buying a few jars of baby food (which is totally fine! Judgement-free zone!) Just like everyone has their own way of parenting, you can choose whichever which way you want to start introducing your baby to solid foods. There are all kinds of different recommendations and ways to go about it, so I would say do some research and do what works best for you and your baby. Health and nutrition mean different things to different people, and to some it is more important than others. If a happy and healthy baby is your one of your goals, I’d say your on the right track 😉

I am really excited to dive into this book yet again for baby T. We have already started on the egg yolk, and it is so fun to see our little guy get visibly excited when the bowl and spoon come out! If you are interested in a highly-recommended book that gives your recipes, ideas, and facts backed-up by research with regards to babies health and nutrition, absolutely check this book out! You can find a preview online, or head over to Amazon to get your own copy, it is definitely worth the small investment:

(I have not been paid in any way to review or promote this book, I just really found it helpful as a new mom! I do, however, have an affiliate link with amazon that enables them to give me a small portion of the sale when you purchase through my link. Your cost remains the same and this blog remains productive!)