They didn’t all tag along.

This past weekend was an absolute whirlwind. Not only did I get to witness one of my very best friends get married, in what was a beautiful ceremony and perfect day, but I also got to travel home to New York with my oldest tag-a-long, K. It was a total mommy-and-me trip, a “girl’s weekend” in every sense of the phrase. We left daddy home with the two boys and flew-out for what was sure to be a weekend filled with lots of laughs and fun memories.

And boy, did we laugh.

John has always commented on how I think our kids are too funny (maybe, sometimes, on how I think I am too funny too.) This trip gave me such wonderful quality time with my first-born that I can’t say I knew I even needed. What did I learn from this trip? I have a smart, energetic, sweet and beautiful daughter who is just as adventurous as her mom, and boy…she. is. hilarious. I mean, she had me laughing, like actually laughing, several times during this trip. It was as if by herself, without the younger siblings, she was older. She was a tag-a-long is every sense of the word as I brought her from spot to spot, meeting friends, eating out, shopping around. But she handled it so well, she actually enjoyed it, and I found her leading me at points! With all the time in the world for once, and not such a tight schedule, it was fun to just wander around and see where our adventure took us. We got to experience a truly once-in-a-lifetime trip to New York City in which we got to see a bunch of good friends, explore parts of the city in which she and I were both born, celebrate a marriage, and enjoy travelling side-by-side the whole time. She stayed out late, rode in cabs, collected leaves, walked too much, and fell asleep in my arms on the dance floor to top it all off. When I say that this weekend was a whirlwind, I really mean it was one of the best weekends ever.

The pictures we took, the quality time we spent together and with friends, and the places we went, are things that I know are going to be some of her very first memories that actually stick-around for the long-run. She felt so special on this trip, not only because she had the honor of being a flower girl, but because she really did have my undivided attention for once. She was confident in the fact that this trip was ours, and I know that it is something we will both cherish for many years to come.

Moms. We are always so pressed for extra time: time to get the housework done, time to get dinner on the table, time to have perfect activities planned. These little humans that have been given to our care are a far better use of our time than anything. Spending good, quality time with them is not always possible, but I definitely know that after experiencing a trip like this, where one child required so little from me yet gained so much, I am going to slow down. I am going to make more of an effort to appreciate the little things I do together with each of my tag-a-longs in our everyday life. Because, if I am not the one taking time to appreciate them and the extraordinary things we get to share together on an everyday basis, who is?