Samuraw Nutrition

Whether it is sneaking vegetables into a yummy snack, or convincing my kids that and  a little gummy really does taste like candy– I make it a point to be aware my kids’ health and nutrition. I recently came across an awesome new brand that is going to make this a whole lot easier for me (and, hopefully, for you!)

Samuraw Nutrition.

With a mission of keeping their products as “close to nature as possible” and an emphasis on how what they leave out of their products as what makes all the difference… I knew their Organic Complete Nutrition Supplement for Kids and Teens was going to be a hit in our house from the start. One incredibly tiny scoop of their powerful Samuraw powder, added to a cup of juice or a smoothie contains:

• 24 vitamins and minerals—including their natural
micronutrient cofactors—derived from 25 micro-filtered
organic fruit & vegetable super-foods
• The most effective human-strain shelf-stable probiotic
(Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG) clinically proven to
support optimal health in kids and teens
• 100% bioavailable nutrients
• No synthetic nutrients, sugar, artificial sweeteners,
flavouring agents, preservatives, binders, fillers,
hydrogenated oils, or common allergens (

How awesome does that sound? I was really excited to have a chance to give it a try with our 4-year-old, K. She loves smoothies, so I knew it would be the perfect way to sneak it into her everyday diet. Well- sneak is the wrong word. Two weeks later and K is making sure she sees me putting her “special powder” in her smoothie or juice, looking forward to it! (I think she also likes having something that is specifically for her as the older child.) She is a healthy girl to begin with- Samuraw’s green appearance and yummy taste is something that really speaks to her palate. However, the tiny scoop of powerful nutrients is something that even the pickiest of eaters would welcome as an addition to their beverage or smoothie. (mostly because you can definitely hide it…I’ve tried!) I love seeing her help to make her own healthy decisions. She has enjoyed adding the Samuraw Organic Complete powder to her smoothies for two weeks now and I am excited to continue using it as a staple in her diet. Having something to add to her daily routine that I know is packing in a ton of important vitamins and minerals, while keeping out all the yucky and harmful ingredients we see all too often today, has made me feel comfortable, as her mom, that she is getting what she needs at such an important developmental stage in her life. 

Samuraw’s website also has a blog with some really interesting articles related to kids’ health and a section where they will be adding recipes and ideas on how to incorporate their supplement for customers. I love when companies have an aspect of community to go with their product– it shows that they truly do believe in what they are providing to the public and want to help you utilize and support the product even more! Their product is currently only available in Canada, but will be available online to the US & worldwide customers this December!

The three core principles that this company abides by –Purity of Ingredients, Honesty in communication, and Wisdom in formulation– makes it easy for me to put my trust in them and recommend them to other moms and families who are looking for a nutritious supplement for their kids or teens. Go check them out online at and read more about their product today. Yummy, delicious and nutritious, your kids will be on board too!