Why leave? How I am using Amazon Prime Pantry to make my life easier!

It’s the holiday season! And, yes, that is why we have been so quiet over here on the blog! Between road trips, unexpected visits to consulates, school winding down and just the overall hustle-bustle of the season, I wasn’t able to stay on top of things here as well. I am working on it…promise 🙂

One of my favorite parts of getting to travel and see family during the holidays is getting to chat about ideas and recommendations with whomever we are visiting. There is always another mom who has something to tell me about that will make my life easier, something I couldn’t possibly be living without. Over Thanksgiving, this was Amazon Prime Pantry.

After chatting with one of my sister-in-laws about some recent meltdowns on a trip to get some shopping done, she couldn’t help but ask me why I would pack up the kids just to go to the store to get things I could have delivered to my door for free. Well…I’m not sure. “I like getting out of the house” was my first response. It isn’t that bad shopping with all three of them…usually. I do spend a good chunk of time when I am shopping with all three kids getting them to stop touching things, feeding them snacks, or breaking up fights and little meltdowns- but that is just part of life as a mom, right? Then I realized, there are so many other fun things that I can be doing with the kids when getting out of the house than just running errands that usually end up high-stress, overpriced and wishing I had just stayed home in the first place. I was intrigued, and put it on my list to check-out.

When we got home I decided to explore Prime Pantry and see what it was all about. Prime Pantry allows Amazon Prime members to shop for groceries and household products in everyday sizes from the comfort of home. My kids usually behave pretty well at the store, but it is impossible to actually stick to a list I bring, or to remember what we went out for in the first place while also managing three kids. Getting to sit down for 10 minutes and add everything to my cart was so much easier than speeding through the aisles trying to remember what we came for in the first place and grabbing things that we probably didn’t need anyways. Cyber Monday had a great deal going on so it was foolish not to place an order right then and there. I was able to get all of the bigger items that I am usually running out to get last minute (i.e. paper towels, toilet paper, my new favorite Baby Wipes) and also throw in a bunch of items that I knew we were running low on in the house (soap, granola bars, face wash, etc.) I also got to try out their baby wipes which I love, so stocking up in that category was a major plus! Since I picked 5 items from qualifying categories, my shipping was going to be free. The prices on all of the items I was getting were either the same or cheaper than when I go get them in the store– and I wasn’t going to have to transport any of it!

Why have I been dragging the kids out to the store so often? Why leave the house just because we needed more wipes and I knew I would be too tired to go get them after the kids went to bed? Why not save our excursions beyond the front door for something more fun? When I placed my order and 2 days later received a huge package (that the kids obviously loved getting to open), I was sold. Gone are the days of loading up all 3 kids just because we are on our last package of baby wipes. With Amazon Prime Pantry, I can shop, stock and plan ahead in a much more efficient way for our household. This not only alleviates a ton of stress that comes along with bringing all my tag-a-longs to the store in an effort to be productive, but it also gives me the opportunity to plan outings with the kids that are focused more on doing fun things with them, rather than just getting things done with them in tow.

If you haven’t given Amazon Prime Pantry a try, definitely do! Any service that helps to make a mom’s life easier is a good one in my book! Click our link below to check it out: